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251 Southwest Wilshire Boulevard
Burleson, TX, 76028
United States


Moretti's Premium Olive Oils and Vinegars is a local business that carries some of the most flavorful, exotic virgin olive oils and vinegars in the world. Along with that we have mouth watering gourmet popcorn, truffles, gifts for any and all occasions!

Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

from 13.95

Mild Intensity

Displaying the signature varietal characteristics of Picual, this example is herbaceous with notes of herbs, green tomatoe leaves and green grass. Slightly astringent with phenomenal chemistry below:

  • *Polyphenols: 185 PPM
  • *FFA: 0.10
  • *Oleic Acid: 80.5
  • *Peroxide: 5.0
  • *DAGs: 93.2
  • *PPP: 0.6

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:

  • Fruitiness: 5.0
  • Bitterness: 2.0
  • Pungency: 2.5
  • Country of origin: Chile

*As measured at time of crush. 

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